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PeopleOnline Talent
“Discover, use, and match talents”

Bring out the best in yourself.
As an individual. As a team. As an organisation.

You can reach any goal if you feel involved and motivated. You get much more energy from using your talent and doing what you enjoy. Your personality is your talent. That's why we develop smart solutions that help to harness the talents of you, your team and your organisation. Each and every one of these solutions will make every day enjoyable.

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Bring your talent into focus in just 10 minutes. You will receive a snapshot of your personality and a quick summary to go with it. At no cost.

PeopleOnline talentON

Exploit your talent.

PeopleOnline talentON brings your personality into view within ten minutes and lets you see in a practical way where your strengths are on topics such as talent, motivation, flow, communication and work. Through utilising your talent and doing what you enjoy, you increase motivation, productivity and energy!

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PeopleOnline teamON

Imagine the best team.

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. The trick is to put together a team without a weak link. Goal keepers and defenders, wingers and strikers: no team can function without a mixture of talents. Diversity is a must if you want to grow and achieve success. PeopleOnline teamON can help you put together a winning team.

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PeopleOnline matchON

Bring out the best in your staff.

Are your staff all in the right place? Do they radiate enjoyment? Do they get the best out of themselves every day? That can only happen when their personalities suit their work. So do your staff a favour. And their teams. And your organisation. Fine tune their personalities to their work. Ensure a long term match. PeopleOnline matchON would like to help!

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“flow is ensuring
an equilibrium
between challenges
and skills“
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"PeopleOnline was founded in 2000. Since its crowning in 2004 with the national Personnel Information Innovation Award, an initiative of Reed Business and Vroom Consultancy, PeopleOnline delivered its innovations to established names, such as:"